Pelorus Financial - The Decision Guidance System

Integrated Accounting & Reporting Solution

Pelorus DGS

Pelorus DGS is a complete accounting solution that helps governmental organizations achieve superior levels of performance. By providing a fully integrated program for recording, organizing, and reporting the key data for your organization, Pelorus DGS helps you make better-informed decisions so that you can function as effectively and efficiently as possible.

All of the accounting functionality in Pelorus DGS is contained in one program. There is no export, transfer, or closing between modules – because there are no modules. Information is entered once and is immediately available throughout the entire system. Duplication of entry and lag time in data availability is eliminated, as information is entered only one time, in real time. In addition to basic everyday tasks (e.g. billing, receipting, payroll, purchasing, etc.), Pelorus DGS provides additional tools for equally important tasks, such as budgeting, property and materials management, point-of-sale, and many others. Pelorus DGS is an intuitive program that’s easy to use and provides the accounting and management tool you need for every aspect of your organization.


Billing procedures in Pelorus DGS allow for numerous types of customer billings, from utility billing to retail merchandise sales. Years of experience and feedback from seasoned professionals have helped to develop an easy-to-use and highly effective billing interface that enables organizations to have complete control over their billing procedures. Customer creation, management, and billing are simple and straight forward. With the ability to integrate with online bill pay systems and by allowing for user customization, Pelorus DGS provides an efficient, concise method for handling every type of recurring billing.

Features Include:
  • user defined billing cycles (read frequency and billing schedule)
  • auto meter read import and export
  • user defined products and services with related rate structures
  • long-term contract management and billing
  • full integration with online bill pay systems
  • multiple bill formats
  • emailing of bills
  • customizable delinquent and shutoff notices


Pelorus DGS enables users in their efforts regarding budgetary planning, preparation, and analysis by providing a simple, sophisticated, easy-to-use control. Powerful features provide an efficient and thorough approach to the all-important task of annual budget preparation. With both operational and capital budgeting capabilities, budgeting for all aspects of your organization has never been easier. Budgeting does not have to be an ordeal each year. Coupled with the expertise and help provided by our support staff, Pelorus DGS enables you to manage and analyze your budget with ease.

Features Include:
  • operational and capital budgeting
  • import and export of budget data
  • monthly budgeting
  • budget itemization
  • single month and/or year to date variance analysis
  • budget projections based on prior years' budgeted or actual amounts
  • automatic integration with other areas of the program, including construction projects, direct property purchases, and long-term debt obligations

General Ledger

The general ledger serves as the basis for the accounting capabilities provided in Pelorus DGS. Pelorus DGS was specifically developed for true fund accounting that meets GAAFR and GAAP standards. Only with a sound chart of accounts in place can the accounting for an organization be accurate. Account classifications relate to traditional accounting groups, providing for additional ease in recording, reporting and analyzing data. Whether recording invoices, processing bills and receipts, or processing payroll, all transactions are immediately recorded in the general ledger, allowing for accurate and real-time analysis and reporting. With years of governmental accounting experience going into the development of Pelorus DGS, you can be confident you will be able to meet governmental accounting and reporting standards.

Features Include:
  • multi-fund accounting
  • customization of accounts and account structure
  • real time recording of transactions to the general ledger
  • account classifications and groupings that provide accurate accounting and reporting throughout the system
  • journal entries and reclassifications made easily and intuitively


Business licensing and animal licensing is done through intuitive, easy-to-use procedures. Renewal fees and notices are automatically generated, with notices and licenses completely customizable. With each feature of Pelorus DGS contained in one program, business and customer information which already exists in other areas may be used when creating license records; preexisting business, owner, and manager information merely need be linked with the business or animal license. Pelorus DGS enables users to manage business and animal licensing with ease and efficiency.

Features Include:
  • business and animal licensing
  • automatic generation of renewal fees and notices
  • use of existing businesses and customers, eliminating duplicate entry
  • business inspection tracking
  • animal vaccination tracking
  • customization of licenses and notices

Long-term Debt Management

Long-term debt obligations, such as bonds or capital lease purchases, may be recorded and managed within Pelorus DGS. This permits scheduled payments of principal and interest to be made timely and classified correctly, without additional invoice recording. In addition, scheduled debt repayments are linked to budgeting processes for budgetary control and analysis. By enabling you to manage long-term debt obligations, Pelorus DGS truly allows for full financial analysis and reporting.

Features Include:
  • easy setup and management of long-term debt obligations
  • view upcoming payments within any date range for all contracts
  • simple payment and printing procedures, with general ledger classifications automatic
  • print and analyze amortization and interest schedules


Pelorus DGS provides a very convenient method of payroll preparation, payment and recording. Beyond just processing and printing employee checks, Pelorus DGS gives you complete control over your payroll procedures. From managing employee information to printing state and federal reports such as Form 941 and W-2s, processing payroll doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. And with the capability of direct deposit, coupled with the automation of payment invoices for deductions and contributions, Pelorus DGS provides a simple and clear-cut approach to payroll.

Features Include:
  • user defined job codes, benefits and deductions
  • employee reimbursements
  • easy tracking of paid leave time and other accruals
  • attachment of documents and images to related employee records
  • pay may be charged to present job codes or allocated as needed, even to construction projects
  • direct deposit capability
  • automation of payment invoices for deductions and contributions
  • simple preparation of payroll related forms and reports in compliance with state and rederal requirements

Point of Sale

Purchase order, inventory control, barcode scanning, receipt printing, digital signature capture and other features are standard in Pelorus DGS to help manage facilities where services or merchandise is sold (e.g. a store, golf course, swimming pool, bowling alley, or museum). Transactions relating to these areas are immediately available throughout Pelorus DGS. The Point of Sale feature within Pelorus DGS is seamlessly integrated with other areas of the program and enables you to manage over-the-counter sales with ease.

Features Include:
  • over the counter sales
  • inventory control and management
  • purchase orders and sales invoicing
  • invoice imaging
  • patronage and divident processing

Property Management

Pelorus DGS provides an efficient and economical method of accounting for the entire life-cycle of capital assets, including planning and budgeting, purchasing and construction, tracking and controlling, depreciation processing, and finally disposal and retirement. Construction projects and related grants and bonds are automatically related back to capital budget amounts for more efficiency in budgetary control.

Features Include:
  • project creation and management, including ongoing construction and maintenance
  • invoice and payroll transactions allocated to projects at processing time
  • automatic integration with capital budget
  • simple and straight forward depreciation calculations
  • disposal and retirement capabilities

Purchasing & Vendor Payments

Pelorus DGS provides an efficient method of recording bills from vendors and processing and printing checks. Recurring invoice templates may be setup so that with each occurrence, processing requires a single click. Among other features, the user may view a vendor’s account record while recording an invoice. Classification is simple and straight forward and allows users to set preferences for the method they desire. Invoices may be scanned and stored as images and linked directly with the invoice record in Pelorus DGS. With the functionality that Pelorus DGS provides, purchasing procedures and printing checks is a breeze.

Features Include:
  • invoice tracking by vendor or paid status
  • vendor invoicing history easily viewable
  • recurring invoices for quicker processing
  • creation and use of invoice templates
  • capital asset and project cost allocated fully at time of processing
  • user set preferences for account selection

Receipting & Cash Management

Receipting and cash management has never been more efficient. Pelorus DGS provides an intuitive and straight forward interface to record receipts and manage customer balances. Check, cash, or credit card receipts are supported and full integration with online payment systems is provided. Cash drawer management is also available, providing a useful management tool. Receipted amounts are readily balanced and deposited, and immediately available for bank reconciliation. Any number of bank accounts may be maintained and separate deposits made for each bank account. Bank transfers and returned checks are easily recorded and managed as well. With Pelorus DGS you will find that receipting and cash management has never been easier.

Features Include:
  • user defined cash drawers
  • receipting for both billed and non-billed payments
  • bank account maintained and reconciled independently
  • simple recording and accounting of returned checks
  • easy recording of bank transfers
  • full integration with online bill pay systems


Whether you need end-of-year financial statements, reports for council or board meetings, or reports for uses in day-to-day activities of recording, organizing, or verifying, Pelorus DGS provides your most important data in concise, easy to follow reports. From budgeting to payroll to state and federal required reports, the reports you need, exactly how you need them. The ordering of information can be customized and reports can be searched using an intuitive search mechanism. Pelorus DGS provides you with the reports you need to analyze your data and keep ahead of the game.

Features Include:
  • end of year financial statements
  • capability to search reports while in preview
  • export reports or save as an image
  • custom date ranges
  • vital information in intuitive and easy to read reports


Pelorus DGS provides simple and straight forward procedures to secure the system. Users may be given password protected access to specific functionalities and information necessary for them to perform their responsibilities. In addition, all sensitive information is encrypted in the database. With Pelorus DGS you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

Features Include:
  • no limit to number of users
  • administrative groupings
  • password protected access
  • encryption of sensitive information
  • function and information specific access settings

Software Releases & Updates

Pelorus Methods is unique among governmental software providers. We realize the importance of your organization and that your citizens and customers depend on you. With this realization, we want to provide you with the newest improvements and enhancement to Pelorus DGS as soon as they become available. What this means is that any new releases and updates are immediately available upon completion—no need to purchase new versions each year or every five years. This allows for an agile software environment with rich new features and accounting standards constantly being implemented. With Pelorus DGS you can be confident that you are always working with the best.

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