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Outstanding Methods of Service

The Pelorus Method of Service

The Pelorus Method refers not only to a way of doing things, but extends to additional concepts. It means that as we strategically plan to do the right things, we follow with operations and procedures that do things right. In an accounting related context, things to be done are more easily identified than the best ways of doing them. How we do those things may also be affected by statute, regulation, standard or custom. All these have been considered in the design of process features that make up an important part of the Pelorus Method.

Through years of experience in government accounting and reporting, we have recognized the often difficult task in understanding the different regulations and standards required for governmental organizations. We are here to help. Beyond just providing an accounting program, we hope to become your colleague in establishing and maintaining an efficient and effective organization—both financially and in providing quality services to your customers. From properly recording daily transactions to end-of-year reporting, we recognize the importance of each process.

Just a few of the important tasks we can help you with:
  • Billing policies and procedures
  • Budget preparation and administration
  • Capital asset life cycle management
  • Internal control procedures
  • Preparing for auditors
  • Training and instructions for personnel
  • Utility revenue requirements and rate setting

The Pelorus Method of service and guidance, coupled with the functionality of Pelorus DGS, provides an unparalleled approach in helping governmental organizations achieve their goals.

Pelorus Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering world class customer support. Whether over the phone, remotely online, or in person, you will benefit from our commitment to excellent customer service. When calling, you will always speak with a live person. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have the ability to answer your questions quickly and correctly. Each of us has years of personal experience working with municipalities and special service districts and each has hands-on experience with Pelorus DGS.

Our goal has always been to provide specific and personalized support that is unparalleled in our industry. With each individual that we are privileged to work with, we value a relationship that provides a meaningful, cooperative, working environment that promotes the advancement of mutual improvement.

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